Disruptive Tactical is a service disabled veteran owned and operated business. We are located in sunny Tucson Arizona. The Lovato family has over 38 years of military service. With every member of the family serving in the armed forces.

Disruptive Tactical started after working with several manufactures and sponsors trying to develop rifles for specific uses to maximize the weapon platform.   Never satisfied with the end result, Ryan Lovato set out to develop and design his own weapons.

We build purposed tuned weapons designed and tested to meet the unforgiving needs of professional Soldiers, Law Enforcement and responsible citizens in some of the most high threat environments in the world.

Please consider us for your next purchase.  We make Rugged Products for Rugged Use!

Disruptive Tactical


Disruptive Tactical is the "Tactical Division" of Disruptive Products Inc.  We are a manufacture and distributor of guns, gun parts, ammo and tactical gear.   We are proud to serve our military, law enforcement and responsible armed citizens.  We strive to offer the best in customer service and products available today.

STORE - 1683 W. Grant Rd.  Suite 102    Tucson, AZ 85745   /   520-293-5850

What makes us different:


STORE - 1683 W. Grant Rd.  Suite 102    Tucson, AZ 85745   /   520-293-5850

Disruptive Tactical works very closely with Adaptive Firearms Institute.   A training company whose mission is providing maximum amount of weapon proficiency in practical environments.  This unique cooperation allows us to not only test all the products we sell but also be the first to see the newest products hitting the market that are still being tested by military and other agencies. 

Driven by a sense of urgency to improve effectiveness and save American lives, our uppers are all purposed tuned.  Giving the shooter the smoothest possible shooting rifle.  This helps keep rounds on target and increase the reliability of the weapon.   Every aspect of the DT15 has been examined to increase reliability and give you the best options out of the box.  We utilized the best materials and spared no expense to bring you a battle rifle you could bet your life on.